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Rules and Regulations - Rules that are board-wide. These are subject to change without notice. Please note that each forum may have seperate rules. All rules should be read in forums before posting.

About the Boards - Learn more about the history of these boards, the meaning behind the name, and about the moderators.

Credits - Find links to those who have given us large hacks, smilies, and the board codes. Disclaimer also included.
Rules and Regulations
Spamming TPB encourages posts that furthers the content and discussions on the boards. Please refrain from replies that only include, "I agree!" or, "That's cool," as they do not drive the conversation forward. We also encourage all members to edit previous messages if they have something to add, rather than double posting (one post after another). If you feel you need to double post to bump a thread, please ask the moderators if enough time has passed since your last post--we're flexible :)

Grammar Because of the intensity of our RPGs, we encourage proper grammar both in and out of character, as well as in the general discussions (non-RPG related). Be sure to capitalize, do you best to spell correctly, and punctuate appropriately. If your first language is not English, don't worry! We are patient and will also be happy to answer any questions!

Double Posting Double posting is not allowed here. If you forgot to add something to your post just edit it. Don’t create a new post. However, there is an exception. If someone has a thread they'd like to add to (like new pictures of Dan Radcliffe, say), and they were the last person to post there, but no one has posted for a week, they may update it with a new picture. Otherwise, please use the "edit" button.

Multiple Threads This happens when members don’t look to see if there is a matching/related thread already in existence. To help with this, please use the “Search” tool that can be located at the top of the forums. Multiple threads will be deleted or merged with the older thread.

Signature Guidelines In an effort to keep bandwidth down and the boards from experiencing downtime, we strictly enforce our signature guidelines. Failure to obey signature guidelines could result in a suspension from the board.
  • Image size may not exceed 450 px (width) by 200 (height). We will ask the user to remove anything larger. If we have to ask the user 3 times, the user will no longer be allowed to use a signature. RPG Signatures may not exceed 450px (width) by 200 px (height). The same rules apply.
  • Adult Images, such as pornography WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • Discrimination and Hate towards anything (person, boards, place, religion, sex) will be removed and the user will face a ban from the board.

Linking to Other Message Boards This is an important one—please do not link to other Harry Potter boards. This DOES include any free boards a user may have created. If we catch you linking in your profile, signature, or post the link, the link will be removed and you will be suspended for 1 week. If you come back and link again, you will be banned. No exceptions. If you have a non-related HP board and would like to affiliate with TPB, please message one of the administrators or moderators.

Affiliates? We're always open to having more friends! If you think your website or message boards should be affiliated with us then please send a private message to one of the moderators or admins.
About the Boards
History The founders of TPB began with a different board in the summer of 2003, Dumbledore's Army. The goal of DA was to create a warm, welcoming enviroment for all Harry Potter fans, regardless of age, location, or experience in the fandom. As DA grew, we discovered that while we would never be the largest message board in the fandom, we could certainly be the friendliest. DA went through many phases, but each time, we kept to our original mission: make the fandom accessible, safe, and friendly for everyone. After nearly four years of devotion to our members, the DA mods and administrators could no longer keep the boards going for fiscal reasons, and eventually, decided to close in summer of 2007.

After almost two years without DA, the original founder, Bex, decided it was time to get back into boards. After much discussion with mods from the beginning, middle, and end of DA, it was decided DA would return under a new name—Graceful Arc—and encompass not only Harry Potter, but a bit of Twilight, as well. After months of enjoyment with Graceful Arc, it was time to take it one step further, and Toujours Pur was born. Though TPB originally began as an overall HP board, we discovered the strength of our boards lie in its RPGs, which brings us to the TPB we have today. Though years had passed between the beginning of the staff’s journey on message boards, the goal hasn’t: We wish to create a safe, fun, friendly environment for all HP fans, regardless of age, location, or experience. We hope we can fulfill this every day!

The Mods Moderators are chosen based on their knowledge of the boards, Harry Potter, and creative input; not to mention their friendly attitudes with the members! To our benefit, the mods active on TPB now are very close friends, most of whom have worked on message boards in the past (if you were around for DA, you’ll recognize several of them!). The mods work hard every day to provide members with a positive experience, quick and friendly help, and lots of creative ideas.

If you're interested in learning more about the moderators, check out the Mighty Matriarchs forum!
Galleons and the Itemshop
TPB has recently created the Itemshop to help further our members along. Whether you want to buy chocolate frogs or a house crest to decorate your post information, or create a new character, Galleons are here to help!

How do you earn Galleons? YOU’RE in control! By posting, being helpful, participating in challenges and contests, and referring new users, you can earn Galleons. These Galleons may be redeemed for anything in the Itemshop, and deplete once you purchase something—but no worries: we always have challenges to help you replenish your vault!

Galleons will be distributed as follows:
  • New User Referral | when you get a friend to sign up! | 20
  • Birthday | Happy birthday, have some gold! | 5
  • Posting/New Thread | For each post or thread you make | 2
  • Challenges, Contests, and Character Homework | When you participate in any of them! | Amount Varies
  • Mod Discretion | When you're helpful or do other good deeds | Mod's Choice
BEWARE!If you get an infraction (for spamming or inappropriate behavior), you lose 2 points, so be careful!
Fanfiction and Quotes
Fanfiction Archive We have many talented writers here at TPB, so we created an archive where their talents can be recognized, read, and reviewed! The archive’s name is a throwback to the history of TPB. There are categories for each RPG we have on the boards, as well as for general HP stories. Read (and write) away!

Quotes Database You may have noticed a quote popping up above the header. Those come from our quotes database! You can submit quotes from the books, movies, AND our RPGs for all to see, rate, and enjoy! The quotes are even randomly projected at the very top of our screen, above our banner, so that you can enjoy them wherever you are on the boards.
It is important to note that the Toujours Pur community is in no way affiliated with JK Rowling, Scholasting, Bloomsbury, or Warner Brothers. We claim no ownership in the Harry Potter franchise, nor are we making money from this site.

vBulletin - Source for these boards. For more information and purchases, check it out!
Mazeguy - Provides us with our wonderful smilies. Used with permission.
vBcredits - Brilliant hack for our Influence tracking by Pixel FX. Used with permission.

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