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Rita Skeeter
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Name: Keri
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)
Default Patronus Test

JKR and Pottermore have FINALLY released a Patronus test! It's a beautiful design and makes me really miss the old interactive Pottermore. I took the test and my Patronus is a fox terrier! Not really sure what it says about me...but I guess it's kind of fitting? My family has always had dogs and they were usually a type of terrier, so maybe deep down I want one to protect me? LOL

Take the test HERE!
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Breaking Dawn
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Name: Nadya
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

My patronus is apparently a bloodhound. I'm really not sure what that says about me. I'm going to assume it's that I'm not the type of person you really want to anger, that I'm tenacious when I need to be and that I'm super protective of those I love and will fight on their behalf should the need arise!

Of course I could be reading miles more into it than she intended

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Lily Potter
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Name: Vicki
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I got a black and white cat which made me ridiculously happy I've always felt like my Patronus would be cat because I have 3 cats at home, and they're always my comfort and safety whenever I need to feel ~loved and want someone there. Maybe that's silly but it was just absolutely perfect for me

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Parvati Patil
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Name: Shar
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I got a chestnut stallion! I used to love horses so much as a kid and one of my favorite series when I was a child was of a ghost horse that would visit a girl and take her for rides throughout the night and that was the first thing I thought of when I saw my patronus galloping around the forest I like how wild and elegant horses are, and while I wouldn't think to list them at the top of my favorite animals list, I've always loved how they represent freedom and really quite like the idea of one being my patronus!
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Name: Bex
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

Mine is a stoat which I didn't really know much about apart from that they were little cute weasely things. From googling I have learned that 1) they are bad luck if you encounter them before a journey and 2) they hypnotize their prey by doing a 'weasel war dance' which I have looked up on youtube and basically they just jump around like idiots while the rabbit is like wtf is happening and then they jump it.

I haven't the faintest idea what this says about me but the image of a stoat doing the weasel war dance to stave off dementors has amused me anyway!

I have an intelligence of 6, I know what I'm doing.

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Name: Chris
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I took the quiz last night and got a dolphin. Since Rowling didn't give us a personality explanation with these, it's hard to understand who I am. Maybe it means I'm smart and popular. lol

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Olivia Greene
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Name: Victoria
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I got a hummingbird I love it!! It's so cute and I feel like it fits me. I read an analysis thing on Tumblr that described the hummingbird as:

The hummingbird is a very carefree patronus, and shows a free spirit. These are those who want to enjoy every aspect of life and emrace it to it’s full potential. They are social, but they also need an amount of time alone to try and find their own path. They are sensitive and influenced easily by what others say about them. They try to act as though they are independent, but they take every compliment and insult they recieve with extreme consideration. They want to please everyone. The most common house for a hummingbird patronus is Hufflepuff. The most common signs are Libra and Cancer.
That's pretty me, lol. And I'm even a Libra!

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Name: Hayley
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I can't remember if I actually even told any of you what I got (I think I told victoria when we were on our holidayssss) but I got an Otter. I'm not too sure how I feel about it really - surprised, I guess. I think I'd feel better about it if it wasn't also Hermione's patronus, as weird as that sounds. Not because I don't love Hermione, because duh obviously I do, but purely because I don't really see that many similarities between the two of us so I'm not sure how much sense us having the same patronus makes. Then again, I did eff up and miss answering the first question so I've been meaning to set up a seperate account and actually do the test properly. I was sleepy and confused about what it wanted me to do Otherwise, I freakin' love Otters so I'm cool with it in that respect. They're so goofy and adorable, flopping around being all playful and stuff.

EDIT: So I took it again because I was curious. I got a tortoiseshell cat. I know nothing about them, other than the fact that they're a cat, and I'm very openly a dog person. I do think I probably have the independence demonstrated by most cats though and, from reading about these, apparently this particular breed is predominantly female and the males are usually sterile. Maybe that's a good indication of my forever alone status LOL

I also looked up the Otter on the tumblr thing Victoria posted:

The otter has a vibrant soul. They are fun-loving and adventurous in nature, and this can be taken many ways. They can be extraverted in this way and go out to explore nature, and in these cases they very often will gravitate toward water. Contrary to this, they can be more introverted in their passion and using their imaginations to come up with stories, or just merely think up ventures they wish they could really go on. They are fairly emotional, and have a hard time hiding this. The most common house for an otter patronus is Ravenclaw. The most common signs are Aries and Aquarius.
Whilst neither the house or the star sign fit me (I'm a Slytherin Scorpio babyyyy), I think the bit about adventure and imagination definitely does. My desperate need for adventure is one of the most prominent parts of my entire personality. I'm constantly suffering from itchy feet and a need to explore, plus I spend the majority of my time dreaming about being off somewhere else and planning my next trip. I can be quite emotional too. I fight really hard to keep things hidden because I hate anyone seeing my true feelings but under the surface I usually have 101 different emotions trying to bubble over. So yeah, I'm gonna stick with the Otter on my main account. Screw it.


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