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Parvati Patil
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Default Scheme Submissions

I hope you all have been thinking hard about helping us out with making the boards look nice and sexy for you guys

We would hate to be the only ones with the fun of running free in Photoshop and creating themes for the boards so we are opening it up to you guys to help out, since we know very well we've got some pretty talented members This thread is for if you have a vision that you think only you could create adequately, you can submit a banner for a theme here! Keep in mind we may have to edit the submission slightly to fit what we can do, but overall we will do our best to keep it largely intact.

Here's how the points are going to work:

50 Galleons for every submission
200 Galleons if we use a submission

Have at it, folks, can't wait to see what you come up with! And if you'd rather just post ideas you have, check out our suggestions thread here!

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