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Regulus Black
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Name: Elly
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I think Olivia pretty much took the words from my mouth LOL Vincent was the first guy I ever played and I had so much fun with him. Being a girl, I'd definitely say that playing a guy is a challenge, but for me, not necessarily a hard one. I feel like there are so many things you can play out with a male character and it makes it all the more interesting to me. I don't mind playing a female, although I feel like it isn't as fun as playing a male since I pretty much know everything there is to be a girl. I don't know what it is to be a guy and that's what makes it fun for me

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Breaking Dawn
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Name: Nadya
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

The first guy I played was on an rp board and because my friend asked me to play her LI. So we plotted but because she had a very fixed idea of what she wanted for him it made things easier because there was less questioning myself. I've since taken on other guys too and believe I can play males decently. My first character is almost always female, idk why. I'm more confident playing them, maybe? But I'm happy to create guys especially if there's a specific requirement or storyline.

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Cheryl Blossom
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Name: Heidi
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I started out only playing girls. As a girl myself, it was easier to act like a girl and have girl attitudes and styles. But then I tried playing a guy and things were easier than it seemed to me. It made me delve into my inner guy and it even helped me be more comfotable hanging out with boys. So now i play both but usually start with a girl then do a guy lol
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Name: Hayley
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

Eugh, I thought I posted in here the other day, but apparently not.

Anywaaaaay, looking at the RPGs that I've actually been a part of on here, I think it's pretty clear that I prefer playing guys. When I first joined TPB, I ended up writing Willow for HF. She was the first character I ever wrote for an RPG and at the time I chose a female character because I thought it would be easier to relate to her. I was new to RPing and crapping myself, to be fair. LOL. Anyway, real life got mental and that was that.

When I returned to TPB, it was right at the start of Octavus. I've ended up with 3 male characters there . I also wrote 2 male character bios for HF too. The only female I had on the go was Olivia for SS.

With PB, I really pushed myself into writing a female character. I don't know why but I feel like I suck at playing girls. It's ridiculous really, seeing as I'm a girl myself. It's just that whenever I attempt to RP as a female character, they always seem to end up more and more like me, which definitely isn't the plan. I end up using my own thought processes and I hate it. Evie is going to be a challenge for me, seeing as I've become really comfortable with playing guys. Obviously, I've taken on Amycus aswell, taking my current active male character count to 4 and er....one girl. LOL.

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Loopy Luna
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Name: Jelly
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I have only played one boy and I had the hardest time doing it. I am just better at playing girls because they are easier to channel than a boy is. I'm pretty sure I would make them way to feminine. I wish that I could play a guy, I'm sure with practice I'd get better but I'm just more comfortable playing girl characters.

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Name: Kelly<3
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I think because my first character was Justin in HF, and I developed him the most, I kinda have a love for playing boy characters. I'm not sure if it's because of the challenge or just the fact that it's a nice change of pace from what I do on a daily basis, lol, but I just find it way more fun to play boys. I mean, I enjoy playing girls, too, but I really loved playing boys. (Especially Justin since he developed so MUCH from the beginning.)

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Rebel Heart
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Name: Lindsey Hoechlin
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I play guys and girls and I don't really have a preference on which I play, I love playing both, but it depends on the AI at times and whether I'm swayed by playing more girls or more boys, I always have a list of AI's I want to use. At times it continues to grow, but yeah I don't mind which I play.
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fizzing whizbee
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Name: Ema
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Hunting Horcruxes (Offline)

I was thinking about this the other day because I'm thinking of my characters on here and making new ones

I think I've always played both guys and girls and was never scared of playing men, so making them never seemed strange to me. I like playing both because it really depends on the character themself and the plots I have going with them as to how I feel playing them. A thing I have realised is that on here I'm playing way more girls, but I think that's because I have very little interest in playing teenage dudes. The male growing up story isn't one I'm really interested in playing/thinking about, maybe because there's already been so many instances of that. And so I'm happy to make girls and explore how they're growing up and choosing life paths etc. I do like playing adult guys who are like 25+ because I think they have a bit more personality and I have more options for different kinds of scenes/plots to have with them. So there's more for me to do than just romance and hanging with friends, which is what I kinda feel like I'll spend all my time doing with a teen guy character.

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