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MAY 2, 1998. Hogwarts became the location of the Final Battle. Between the deaths of dozens, Horcruxes belonging to Thomas Marvolo Riddle were destroyed. Riddle, known at the time as Lord Voldemort, faced his final test against Harry Potter. With the Elder Wand in his power, Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. But the story doesn't end there.

Devastation hit those who lost loved ones during the battle. The weeks after the battle were laced with funerals and mourning, tears and pain. And through the summer of adjusting with loss, Hogwarts rebuilt, determined to quickly bring its students back together and into the routine of educational studies. Meanwhile, the Wizarding World deal with a post-war atmopshere of political unrest, the convictions of accused Death Eaters, and those who still believe Lord Voldemort will return.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1998. Hogwarts has invited back all students. An eighth year has been created for those who missed out on their education and wish for it to be replenished. Together for the first time since the battle, the Hogwarts students continue to deal with the loss of friends and family as well as try to create a new life for themselves. But life after war isn't as easy for some.

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